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Dam the Distance with Oregon State University Theatre

Jun 26, 2020

Oregon State University Theatre presents the Spring One-Acts 2020: Isolation Station. This eclectic collection of 9 original plays was written and directed by OSU Theatre students.

The wide range of material includes Scheduled written by Genesis Hansen and directed by Sophia Brown, Forlorn Hope written by Quinn Sinanan Neal and directed by Brittany Greener, Virus 626 written by Hannah Schwartz and directed by Joshua Gasaway, In the Taps written by Xavier La Flame and directed by Joshua Smith, Air Raids written by Stephanie Schwartz and directed by AJ Glessner, Becoming Exmo written by Alex Sturgeon and directed by Genesis Hansen, Don’t Go, Get Eggs written by Joshua Smith and directed by Quinn Sinanan Neal, Idiot Hill written by Sophia Brown and directed by Hannah Schwartz, and Your Tupperware Lady written by Hana Foshay and directed by Haillie Lantz.

The production is free to download, but patrons can support the current and future work of the University Theatre by purchasing a virtual ticket by visiting:

Purchase a virtual ticket directly HERE.

Isolation Stations contains material that may not be suitable for all audiences.

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